Ethers and Embers

by Dust of Days

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released April 16, 2013

Produced by Frank Lettieri Jr.
Recorded By Ian DG Bennett
Additional Engineering by Jason Harris
Mixed by Ian DG Bennett
Mastered by Ian DG Bennett
Recorded at Moshi Productions

Music and Lyrics by Frank Lettieri Jr.
Vocals, Guitars, and Drums: Frank Lettieri Jr.
Lead Guitar and Percussion: Ian DG Bennett
Drums on “Thief”: Ian DG Bennett

Photography by Jeff Metzner
Artwork design by Frank Lettieri Jr.

Thank you:
To my Gave me life and love
To my brother...You Gave me heart
To my family and gave me loyalty
To Jesus gave me Salvation
To my gave me support
To those who wouldn’t stand by gave me inspiration

****The sounds on this recording were made without the use of pitch-correcting software, sampling, or digital editing.



all rights reserved


Dust of Days Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Raw”, “Genuine”, “Ambitious”, “Graceful”, “Captivating”…just a few words that describe the New Jersey based Dust of Days. The brainchild of singer/songwriter Frank Lettieri Jr., Dust of Days paints a musical canvas weaved with dissonance and melody. Strikingly bold yet beautifully delicate, the sounds and lyrics are filled with soul and substance. ... more

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Track Name: Dead River Road
It was a long time coming
and a dark road home
She turned out the lights
Didn't need him anymore

So he stood outside
in the desolate cold
Picture frames strew about
left for him to hold...

You see he loved the girl
and her little boy too
But there's just some things
you know he couldn't do

So he took a drive
down Dead River Road
Turned the ignition off
on his 55' Olds
and he prayed...and he prayed...

Oh God, please don't let it be this way
There's so much more that I can change
Oh God, please don't let it end this way
On the doorstep of St. Charles Place

She says she's better off
now he's gone
The words she spoke still
ringing strong
To him it all feels
just like a blur
yet he can't breakaway
from the ghost of her.
Track Name: Puppet
I'd given you my blood, my love and my tears
You swore forever, with me the rest of our years
But there's still blood in my veins, a heart in my chest
You left me broken, scattered and emotionless.

I guess I was just born to be throw away
A mistake, a failure, a puppet on a string

3:30am on a Thursday morn,
My bones tear through my skin I weep all alone
Haunted by the memories of both of our sins
I promised you forever, and ever, 'til the end

I guess I was just born to be thrown away
A disgrace, failure a puppet on a string...

I ain't no puppet, I'm a man
Abused, and tortured, misused, but here I stand
I ain't no villian, and I ain't no saint
I ain't no puppet on a string
Track Name: Thief
Steam keeps on rising
The fires burn bright
Wolves on the hunt again
Under cover of night

So beware my children, of the thief on the run

Tangled and woven
Such a twisted web he spun
The glitter and the glitz
all forged from heretics

So I warn you my children, of the thief on the run

Been given a number...
Been given a name
he is your enemy
Track Name: Awake
Lie awake as my earth breaks
I feel like I'm on the road to nowhere
Counted out, I've been beaten down
Left bloodied and bruised,
Been so used by religion

I wanna know(3x) right now
Have you ever felt cold or jaded
I wanna know(3x) right now
Have you ever been all but forsaken
Never...never again

You run the race of the everyday
Just to get a taste of what it means to be happy
Fell asleep with a fear to dream
To dream of a day where you could truly feel happy

I wanna know(3x) right now
Have you ever felt cold or jaded
I wanna know(3x) right now
Have you ever been all but forsaken

I wanna know, I need to know
Have you heard the name of my savior

I wanna know(3x) right now
Have you ever felt all but forsaken
Never...never again